Monday, July 17, 2017

What value do I bring outside of formal education and years of service?

I went from working at a company of less than 10 regular employees/contractors to a company that had thousands of employees at multiple locations but it only felt like we had one location to working for a Fortune 100 company with 400,000+ employees worldwide. As I have kept moving up in company size I have noticed how difficult it can be to navigate the corporate world.

Corporations (or at least the one I work for) tend to value years of service and formal education. It is their way of weeding people out. You have to put in your time -- both at formal learning institutions and at their business -- to be considered for new positions.

It has been a test of patience for this impatient woman. But it has also forced me to get creative and really consider what value I am bringing to my company outside of years of service and formal education. If I feel I should be considered for different positions despite my lack of formal education and years of service, why? What makes me special?

These are questions I should be constantly asking myself about any company and any position. Why am I here? What value am I bringing? Why should I continue to be on the payroll?

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