Thursday, January 21, 2016

Episode 1: My Homebirth Story

Here is the new Episode 1 of the Sitch Podcast. My little sister joins me to tell my homebirth story and describe some of the differences between a home and hospital birth.

I forgot to mention in the podcast that other than the IV antibiotic, my midwife was also able to administer a bag of saline via IV and had an oxygen mask on me toward the end of labor when I was pushing. This further emphasizes my point that whatever medical devices I needed other than an epidural or performing a c-section, my midwife was able to provide.

Big thank you to my midwife, my doula, my chiropractor, and my husband, mom, dad, and sister for all of their support throughout the process! I could not have done it naturally and at home without my team.

If you have questions about homebirth, please comment below!

Have a story about your own birth experience (hospital, birth center, or home)? Feel free to share in the comments as well.

I'm new to podcasting so forgive my audio editing skills (or lack thereof). I'm sure it will get better with experience as I record more.

Thanks for listening!

(Note: above photo is not of my baby)