Saturday, July 1, 2017


Sometimes we embrace change.

At other times, we go running for the hills to avoid it.

When change comes suddenly, it can shock us. Distort our sense of reality for a minute. Even cause us to get angry or upset.

At other times, we see the value in the change and so we welcome it.

Change is rarely easy. But often times it is worth it.

I find that I fear closing a door when I change. I worry that I will never be able to "go back" to the way things were. And often times, that is what will happen. Even if I were to go back, it would not be exactly as it was before. But that does not always mean change is permanent. It can be good to close doors.

There are millions of directions each of us could go in this world. One choice is not necessarily the "right" or the "wrong" choice. It's just the one we went with. And we can always change again.

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