Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Prioritize

How do you prioritize when you have so many goals you are trying to achieve?
I have a lot of "to-do's" on my mind... working fulltime, spending time with my husband and daughter, getting enough sleep, cooking/eating healthy, exercising, balancing my money, making more money, blogging/vlogging, keeping a clean house/decluttering my stuff, developing my relationship with my husband, developing my relationship with God, spending time with friends and family...
Some of these tasks are on-going. Some of them can be accomplished.
The question is, how do we prioritize our day so that we get the most done toward these objectives while still enjoying life?
Here's one suggestion that I have found useful in the past and will be working to implement:
  • Make a list of the things you have to get done in a day plus the things you would ideally get done in a normal day.
  • Number these items or indicate them based on these categories: must get done, would like to get done, and lowest priority/would be nice but not necessary.
  • Each day, go through your priority list and get to what you can.

We aren't super human. We won't always be able to get done everything we want to get done. So make a list, prioritize, and do what is most important to you right now. Review and revise the list of priorities as needed.

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