Friday, July 28, 2017

More Lessons from Toastmasters: Recovering from a Fumble

I delivered my sixth Toastmasters speech yesterday which happened to be about why you should try a daily blogging challenge. This was my first speech where I left all my notes at the table. I was super proud of myself for going completely off script. Things started out well. I was being super conversational, asking questions, and challenging the audience. People were nodding and responding. I could tell I was inspiring many of them.

And then I forgot my third point... I froze. I thought for a second. I closed my eyes tight. But after a few seconds, I went to my spot and looked at my note for a quick second to remember my third point.

It was a bit embarrassing and I was not happy with myself for not handling the situation with more grace. Looking back, I could have made a joke or at least continued talking as I walked to grab and glance at my note. Instead, I completely froze up.

It happens and I still got great feedback about the content of my speech. But the main point of feedback was to have my notes/at least an outline with me, practice more, or both. Ouch.

But that's why I attend Toastmasters - to learn and grow. If I didn't make mistakes and learn from them, the exercise would be much less useful.

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