Saturday, July 22, 2017

Unpacking the Last Box

If you saw "The Incredibles" you may recall the scene where Mr. Incredible receives a call from his wife letting him know that they are "officially" moved in as she unpacked the last box... three years later. It would be within hours on that same day that Mr. Incredible gets fired and will possibly have to relocate his family again (meaning all that unpacking was for nothing).

We moved all of our things over to our new place last weekend. Thankfully, it did not take that many loads to get all of our stuff over to the new home. It hasn't even taken long to get all the stuff out of the boxes. But we are on the last little stretch. And instead of finishing up, I chose to do my daily blog.

My goal is to finish unpacking the boxes this weekend, go grab a couple things in the old place (namely, the curtains), and turn in our keys. That way, we can be done moving.

So why is it so hard to unpack the last box? Grab that last little thing from the old place? To finish?

There are probably a ton of little tips and secrets to this moving thing. If you pack up in an organized fashion, it's easier to unpack. If you label your boxes by category and subcategory, you know where to put them. If you abc then it will make xyz easier...

But that still doesn't answer the question of why unpacking the last box is so hard.

It can sometimes just be hard to finish time-consuming projects. The last chapter in that novel you've been reading, putting the coat of paint on that car you've been restoring, or just folding the laundry once it's finished in the dryer.

But finishers are the people who are probably the most successful. Of course there are sometimes projects not worth finishing, but if there is value in completing the project, the finisher gets it done. And that's what sets them apart.

So here I go to unpack the last box!

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