Sunday, July 30, 2017

Full Circle

We moved two weeks ago but had not turned in our keys to our first apartment. We finally went over yesterday to grab our curtains and turn in the keys. Stepping into our apartment, the place we called home for almost two years, and seeing it completely empty brought back memories of when we first moved in. For months I have felt cramped in that little space. But suddenly I got a bit sad thinking I would never step foot in there again. When I stepped out of that apartment yesterday, I would be closing the door for the last time.

We had come full circle. That apartment was the first place I signed a lease on, the first place I moved into where I knew I wouldn't be moving back home with my parents after a certain period of time. We had very little furniture when we got there. I remember seeing it empty and we began slowly filling it up with chairs, a bed, household goods, and baby stuff. Lots of baby stuff.

I love our new home. It's more spacious and feels more comfortable and I'm certainly glad to be here. But our first place will have a special spot in my heart of mostly fond memories of life as a newlywed and a new mother.

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