Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hanging up Pictures

I unpacked the last box yesterday and we did a lot of picking up and putting away yesterday and today. Not everything is where I want it permanently, but it definitely helps our new place feel like our home.

However, in addition to not having all the boxes unpacked, the blank walls were also making our new place feel less homey. I was nervous about starting to hammer holes in the walls, though, as the walls were perfect. I did not want to put something in the wrong place, have to move it, and "ruin" the wall.

My sister came over so I ran my ideas by her and she gave me a few suggestions, reassuring me of where to hang up some things. With her advice, I finally started.

All the anxiety over where to hang things up ended up being a waste. Once I finally decided on a few spots and hung up some pictures and art, it felt like the last piece to the moving in puzzle. By poking some holes in the walls and hanging up our sweet memories, we were officially moved in.

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