Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This is not the post I was going to write today

I was going to write an intelligent and informative post today. A post about something that I think is important. And I am sure I will still write that post in the near future.

But right now, I am having trouble thinking straight. I am frustrated about some things not going my way and it makes it difficult to focus on much else.

Daily blogging has been awesome and I am on day 52, I believe. But not every day is hunky-dory. Not every day goes to plan. We don't always get our way. And so we don't always do what we originally set out to do -- such as write a long and intelligent blog post.

These bad days will happen. How we respond, though, will say a lot about us.

Today I will respond with perseverance. I will keep going, even when I'm frustrated. I will not worry about perfect posts and informative musings. I will let go of my perfectionism for the sake of just keeping on with my goal of daily blogging.

How do you respond when things aren't going your way?

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