Monday, July 24, 2017

Stretching Myself: Trying Vlogging

I have tried my hand at blogging and I have tried my hand at podcasting. Both forms of media I have thoroughly enjoyed. Recently, I have considered trying my hand at vlogging (video blogging). It shouldn't be that different from public speaking (something I already do on a regular basis), right?

Last night I recorded a five minute video of just me talking to the camera.

It. Was. Horrible.

If you want to knock down your confidence real quick, try vlogging. I struggled to make eye contact with the camera, I made strange facial expressions, I looked awkward, and not to mention the camera was not flattering at all. It was not pleasant to watch myself on screen. The audio was just okay and the lighting needed work. It was definitely a first try video.

I'm not giving up on the craft and will keep practicing until I get better or decide it's not for me. But it does teach me a lesson: once I feel confident in one form of communication or one type of outlet, it's time to try another. Keep pushing and stretching. It may not be the "right fit", but it will force me to grow in my learning of technology, communication, and myself.

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