Saturday, July 8, 2017

Marriage: two people each trying to make the other person a clone of themselves

It seems that a lot of people pair up and settle down with someone who shares similar interests (such as a sport, genre of books/tv shows, music preferences, hobbies, etc) but has some character qualities that are vastly opposite (one person is calm while the other is wired, one person is organized and the other is a free spirit).
This certainly happened to me. My husband and I enjoy exploring some of the same hobbies and topics but our personalities are often polar opposites.

And since living together I have realized that marriage can quickly turn into a battle of trying to make the other person a clone of yourself. We want our spouse to want to go to the same place to eat, do the same activities, talk about the same subject, and watch the same show we want to watch at the exact moment we have the itch to do that thing. Essentially, I want another version of myself that I can do stuff with and he wants another version of himself that he can do stuff with.

Rarely do our desires to do the same thing seem to match up at the exact same time. So then we have two choices: conflict or compromise.

Enter: conflict.

We are coming up on two years of marriage and we are still working on learning how to serve each other. It's not easy and we have a long road of learning ahead of us. But we're working on it, and probably will be working on it for the rest of our lives.

Marriage is awesome when we decide to work together and compromise. But if there is constant conflict, it's exhausting.

How do you find ways to compromise in your relationship?

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