Thursday, July 20, 2017

Camping for our Family Vacation

If we end up going on a family vacation this year, we plan to make it a camping trip.
I was/am a bit nervous about camping with a toddler plus having the additional challenge of being in my third trimester with kid #2, but there are a lot of reasons this is actually a better idea than a couple of days exploring a big city or taking a typical vacation.
My child doesn't like to sit still very long. She doesn't appreciate museums or expensive outings. But she loves being outside.
Here are some reasons we plan to camp this year for a family vacation:
-It will give us a lot of time to disconnect from the city life and connect with each other.

-We won't have to constantly be telling our daughter to sit still, be quiet, or stay close by.

-It gives us an opportunity to be very active in the outdoors.

-It's extremely inexpensive -- a state campsite is typically less than $30/night and sometimes even less than $15/night. You bring your own food and gear from home so not many expenses here that you would not ordinarily have if you were at home.

-It gives us a chance to explore the great outdoors with our daughter and make a lot of memories.

Do you ever go camping as a family? What do you like to do while camping?

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