Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What 30 Days of Blogging Taught Me

Yesterday was my 30th daily blogpost. I did not write ahead but wrote each post the morning I posted it. I was not sure I was ready for this "challenge", but I wanted to see if it was as magical as some of the other Praxis advisors and participants claimed.

It has been a great experience. I have been forced to get creative every single day. There was only one day where I really did not know what I wanted to talk about, so that was a bit of a challenge. And then there were other days I wrote a paragraph or two and decided to scrap it and change topics because I was not getting into the vibe. Then there were other days where I put together some thoughts, published, and then felt like it was a sloppy piece later that could use some clarification. But since I enjoy writing anyway, actually writing the posts was not the biggest part of this challenge. It was the daily discipline -- the commitment to myself -- that made this interesting.

I can completely understand now how it would be quite the commitment to do this daily for a year or longer. Even just completing the 30 days gives me a boost of confidence in my ability to have some discipline in my life and stick to my goals. Not sure I'm ready for a yearly challenge, but this experience has been a wonderful way for me to reset my creative side and practice discipline and goal setting.

My three most popular posts from the past 30 days (in order of popularity):

1. How I am Continuing College Debt Free

In other words, it seems like people enjoyed reading about my experiences. My posts about ideas were not nearly as popular as my posts about things I have done. So that means, in order to crank out content that people really resonate with and enjoy, I have to do cool stuff.

What was your favorite post from the past 30 days?

I tried to decide on my favorite but failed. I wrote about tidying and decluttering the home, about personal finance and budgets, about entrepreneurship, podcasting, earning college credit at a discount, and other experiences and thoughts I have had recently. I have blogged about some of my favorite topics in the past 30 days and the ones that mean the most to me right now. It has been a fun month of blogging and I hope I have brought value to my readers.


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