Friday, June 23, 2017

Defending vs Educating

Yesterday I wrote a post about pop tarts. It's not that the topic of empty calories and processed food isn't important, but it did feel like a silly topic. But I only devote about 10-15 minutes a day to writing a blog post. That's not a very long time to expand upon a deeper topic or one that requires more evidence or explanation. So if I do not write about topics that are lighter or easier to explain, I get nervous to write a post at all.

I hold a lot of unconventional views. I believe things about food, medicine, child birthing, government/politics, and business/jobs that a lot of people do not agree with. More than a few people probably think I am ignorant, naïve, and/or a conspiracy theorists. That does not change my view on the topic, but it does make me wary to speak about it. I do not want to risk turning someone off of my view just because I cannot express my argument as well as I have read or heard others express it.

If I have plenty of time to explain myself, look up my sources, and provide some evidence, I feel much more confident defending myself. But the goal for me is not really to defend myself (I already know what I believe) but to try to open other people's eyes to these ideas that I hold. It's less about defending myself and more about trying to educate others on what I believe.

What are some of your unconventional views?

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