Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Value Proposition: the key to getting your dream job?

One of the most valuable things I have learned from being involved in the Praxis community is that the old way of applying for jobs is no longer effective. On a one page resume and a quick cover letter, everyone starts to look the same. The employer can tell that very little thought or work went into each application as the applicants are blasting out the same thing to dozens of employers. The employee just wants a paycheck but the employer desperately needs a capable person to perform the job.

Is there a better way?


Create a power point presentation relating to why you want that position, why you want to work for their company, and the value you will bring to them.

Make a video outlining your past projects and the value you have brought to other companies.

If you are applying for a design position, design something that would relate to their company. Give it to them for free.

If you are applying for a marketing position, run an ad campaign on Facebook. Show them your results.

If you are applying for a coding position, create an app prototype for their business.

Get creative. Show them what you are worth. Prove to them that you are worth way more than they will ever pay you in a salary.

I have never used this method myself but have heard many success stories. I plan to put it to use within these next couple of weeks. We will see if it pays off.

Throw away the resume. Your future employer doesn't have time to waste and neither do you. If you're the right person, prove it.

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