Thursday, June 22, 2017

There is Nothing That Can Redeem a Pop Tart

I purchased some strawberry pop tarts last week. And I am really trying to figure out why.

I toasted the first set of two pop tarts and began eating.

They were absolutely disgusting. Dry, not much flavor, and made my mouth feel chalky. I couldn't finish them.

When I purchased them, I thought they would remind me of my childhood. I did not eat them often as a kid but they were always a treat and a huge deal.

As an adult, I find them gross. And when I began looking at the ingredients and nutrition content, I realized there was nothing to redeem them.

The first ingredient is enriched flour. This means that they stripped the original ingredients of any and all nutrition so they had to add nutrients back into it to give it any vitamins or minerals. Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and dextrose soon follow back-to-back in the ingredient list.

At least there is only 200 calories per pastry (so, 400 to a pack of two). But what are those calories made of? Flour and sugar. And with 38g of carbs per pastry and less than 1g of fiber and less than 2g of protein, this pastry's calories are pretty empty -- just a bunch of simple sugars and simple carbs which provide a quick hit of energy that doesn't last long or provide any significant source of nutrition.

Why do pop tarts still have such a large market share? Why do people keep buying and eating these things?

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