Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Feeding the Brain

Every day we are bombarded with mind-numbing information. From the morning radio show DJ's to the click bait articles our friends share on Facebook to the sitcoms we watch and re-watch on Netflix, it is easy to kill our brain cells (or at least not create any new ones).

For me, if I am not feeding my brain some sort of interesting information or stimulating it in some way every single day, I feel different. It's hard to describe, but I just don't feel as productive or as human that day.

That's why I listen to podcasts on my morning commute. That's why I've been trying to blog every day. That's why I try to read an intelligent article or a chapter out of an interesting book as often as I can. Sometimes it's as simple as watching a documentary instead of a rom-com. Or sometimes my husband and I will play a game of Scrabble instead of watching TV at all. I engage in interesting, challenging conversation when I can.

I know there are a lot of other fun and interesting ways to keep the brain stimulated. Doing a normal activity like brushing teeth with your non-dominant hand, doing a puzzle, and trying new types of physical activity can all assist in growing our brains. Socialization is also extremely important especially as we age.

Of course I still spend plenty of time consuming the mind-numbing information, but the little things I do to feed my brain add up.

What are your favorite brain feeding activities?

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