Thursday, June 8, 2017

Internet on My Phone

I was 17 years old when I first got internet on my phone. You can see from the screenshot that it was actually five years ago today that I gained access to the world wide web in the palm of my hand. I was so excited that I had to update my Facebook status and even tried (and failed) to tag my mom in the post.

It is an incredible advancement to our society. 100 years ago (heck, even 10 years ago!), even the richest people in the word did not have access to essentially all of the world's information in their pocket. Now, even some of the poorest people in America have a smart phone with internet access. I rarely get onto the computer to check Facebook anymore -- it is easier to do it from my phone. I have internet access almost anywhere I go. And the cost to access this amazing technology is ridiculously inexpensive when you consider all that it can give you.

These devices can be used to:
  • start blogs to spread ideas
  • create ecommerce sites to generate income
  • learn about nearly any and every topic in the world
  • read or listen to lectures and books
  • document events through photo and video
  • connect with people we will never meet but have similar interests
  • invest money in stocks
  • invest money in microloans that benefit farmers, artisans, and small business owners all over the world
  • donate to worthy causes

And what do we use these phones to do?

Facebook. Cat memes. Sending nude photos to potential dates.

It almost feels like this advancement is lost on us, sometimes. Like we do not deserve it. But it does not have to be that way.

Anyone who complains about how ugly and terrible the world is merely needs to pull out their smart phone. This little tool can be used to waste time. Numb the brain. Or it can be used to change the world, or even just change your world.

How will you use your smart phone today?

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