Friday, August 4, 2017


I have been asking myself for quite sometime what will make me happy. Will xyz make me happy? Or perhaps abc?
We live in a culture that has a major fear of missing out (or FOMO for short). I certainly experience this.
We ask ourselves questions like:
  • If I'm at this job, am I missing out on a better career opportunity?
  • If I am living in this city, am I missing out on better vibe somewhere else?
  • If I am at this university, am I getting everything this other university has for me?
  • If I'm with this significant other, am I missing out on what someone else could do for me?
  • If I eat at this restaurant, will I miss out on a better meal?
Consequently, our fear of missing out also sometimes paralyzes us from committing to something. I don't want to commit to these Saturday plans because what if something better comes up?

One of the reasons I am limiting my Facebook time is because I have been experiencing some fear of missing out. Seeing what other people's lives are like can sometimes make you question whether you are doing the right thing.

I don't have the answer to what will make me happy. But I know comparing myself to others who are in completely different situations is probably not a healthy thing for me to be doing on a daily basis. Of course it is good to be exposed to other possibilities and know that there are options out there. But too much exposure can force us to become bitter at our own lives instead of enjoying what is right in front of us.

How do you deal with a fear of missing out?

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