Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Experience Being a Podcast Guest

Since starting my podcast, I have had the opportunity to guest on another podcast. At first, I was nervous about this experience. The goal of this podcast, called The Cross Examined Life, is to challenge unconventional ideas. The host asked me to talk about and defend an unpopular belief that I held.

Naturally, I chose to defend homebirth which makes up less than 1% of births in America.

There was one rule that the podcast host had which threw me off a bit: I was not to talk about my own personal expertise or experience when defending my belief. I had to rely completely on my arguments.

I was nervous to guest on a podcast. After all, I would have zero control over the end product. What if I sound like a moron? What if people think I don't know what I'm talking about? What if I say "umm" every two seconds and I can't edit it out?

Thankfully, the host of the Cross Examined Life podcast did an amazing job editing the conversation and adding in some of his own commentary. He did his best to make sure I sounded professional and polished. The end result is definitely something I can be proud to have people listen to for more information regarding homebirth.

The Cross Examined Life podcast is available in iTunes and Stitcher so definitely feel free to check out my episode and some of the others. There is a wide variety of unconventional views defended on the podcast so every episode is different and challenging. Overall, I had a great experience guesting on this podcast and feel blessed to have such a great podcast host who made sure to have my best interest at heart when editing the episode.

If you listen to my episode, please let me know what you think!

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