Sunday, October 4, 2015

Make it about your Business Soulmate (You Need Guts)

“There is a time-tested way to get around the unknown: Find out.
--Ash Ambirge

Okay, so there are still plenty of people using the internet for Candy Crush. But there are plenty of other people trying to make money using the internet. How many of them actually succeed?

As I continue in "You Don't Need a Job, You Need Guts", Ambirge is starting to take me step-by-step in starting my own online enterprise, what that entails, and some of the essentials.

Identify your business soulmate

Long before deciding what to sell, you need to identify just who it is you're trying to sell to.

Ambirge writes: “…consider not only whose able and willing to pay, but who will be DELIGHTED to pay for this?”

Whoever fits that description is going to be the soulmate for your venture.

Once you know who they are, you can know how to craft your message to make them feel seen.

Find your edge

There is noise everywhere. Businesses all over the world are screaming for the attention of potential clients. What gives you an edge over other people selling a similar product or service? Why should people trust you to deliver?

You have to find your edge -- and then you have to use that edge to make you memorable.

In a world full of noise, the last thing you want to do is be forgettable. "Expected is a death sentence."

.com urls only

When you're ready to name your site, name it intelligently and only go with the .com url. Use your edge to help you decide just what the name of your site and business should be.

How to make it online

Consumers are being sold to all the time. They are on the web looking for someone who gets them. They want to have a conversation with this person.

Opening up the lines of communication is key. If you aren't talking with your business soulmate, they're gonna lose interest.

Providing information, inspiration, and entertainment to them for free will allow you to open those lines of communication and build a relationship where they will trust you. Then you don't have to sell to them -- they are already listening to you.

According to Ambirge: "Becoming useful and helpful beyond expectation is the goal. When you go out of your way to help someone when it wasn’t necessarily your job and you aren’t directly getting paid for it – even through providing information, inspiration and/or their entertainment, and later, their money"

Have a plan

Don't just be useful and provide information, inspiration, and entertainment for the sake of it. Make every part of your website serve a purpose to get your business soulmates closer to the goal. The first bit of information, inspiration, and/or entertainment needs to fit the stage they are at. If they're new to your site, you need to treat them like a newbie. Tailor the content to what they need.

Finally, make it about them

They don't care about what you know as much as they care about why it matters to them.

I love this quote from Ambirge: “We don’t want to know what you do, as much as we want to know why it matters to us. In short, we want your website to be about us. Not about you. And even if it is about you, we want your story to somehow be about us.”

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