Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Found and Getting Ahead (You Need Guts)

More helpful tips from "You Don't Need a Job, You Need Guts"...

Getting found

There are three ways to drive traffic to your site:
1. Pay for it
2. Win it
3. Earn it

When paying for traffic, it is best to go with Facebook, Google ads, or ads on a targeted website. Start  with a small budget and tweak your campaigns as you go. It's only worth paying for if the impressions turn into sales. If not, rework your campaign.

Winning traffic means you have to put yourself in a position of authority on a given topic. When major media outlets have a theme that relates to your edge, you need to jump in and offer yourself as the expert. Once they realize that this topic is your bread and butter, they'll have to feature you (or risk looking silly for missing an amazing opportunity!).

To earn coverage, you have to actually produce some content that is shareable. Make people read your blog post and say "Me, too". If they can't relate, they won't share. What people share online is like sharing a part of them. Stand for something, and those who stand with you will want to spread the word, for free, to their circle of influence.

Getting ahead

Just like failing to close the sale makes all of this hard work pointless, having to be involved in every aspect of your business makes it difficult to get ahead. If you died in a car wreck and your business immediately collapsed, something is wrong. You're working hard, you're making money, but your business model is not scalable.

Try things like writing a book or course, recording a training, building a membership site or paid email subscription, or promoting what you love and earning a commission. There are lots of ways to get paid online without having to be involved 24/7. Sure, it still takes work, but you'll be working much smarter and maximizing your time spent.

The end is in sight

I only have two more chapters left in this ecourse. I was a little skeptical when I started it but trusted the sources who recommended this content to me. I'll finish the last two chapters and write my concluding thoughts on it soon. However, it's all for not if I don't put any of this into practice. To do that, it's gonna take some guts... and some time. But why not try? There's no such thing as job security anyway, amiright? So it's the end, but it's also the beginning. And I can't wait.

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