Saturday, March 21, 2015

Episode 2: 20 Hours (Ukulele medley)

Here is Episode 2 of The Sitch Podcast. I was going to do just audio so that I could edit and it would actually be a podcast instead of a video, but with what I wanted to show you in this episode, I thought you would rather watch.

The inspiration for this episode came from a YouTube video I watched for Praxis called "How to Learn Anything... Fast". Using John Kaufman's advice, I decided to devote 20 hours to learning the ukulele (something I have been wanting to learn for almost a year but "didn't have the time" to devote to it). Well, in about five hours, I learned eight chords and four of those chords can be used to play tons of pop songs from past and present.

I hope you enjoy this example of how you can learn something fast. Will you be world class? Nope. But you'll know a lot more than most people know about the subject and you'll have an idea of whether you want to continue learning about it or not.

What have you always wanted to learn? 


  1. Cool. I want to spend 20 hours on Excel and Spanish.

    1. That's awesome! Those are both skills I would also like to be more proficient in.