Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Best 9 Seconds of My Life

According to Buzzfeed staff, Jessica Misener, this video will be the best nine seconds of your life:

Well, how was it? Aren't you glad you watched that? Aren't you glad that you now have the best nine seconds of your life done and over with? Now you can stop worrying about where those nine seconds will come from or the source of those nine seconds of pure best-ness.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 8, 2013. It now has nearly half a million views.

Half a million views? Okay, people. It's the guy's breakfast.

Granted, it might be cute, a little funny, slightly entertaining, maybe even the funniest nine seconds of your day. But, the BEST nine seconds of your LIFE?

Give me a break.

If we're talking about just any day of our lives, I would say even my worst days were better than the nine seconds I watched those "talking" eggs. Now, if we have to keep it down to a nine second moment rather than a whole day, here are a few from my life that I think might top "Mister Breffast":

  1. Nine seconds of pure joy when I realized I got a dog for Christmas
  2. Nine seconds of excitement when I saw my little sister for the first time
  3. Nine seconds of laughing when I was reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I realized that Hagrid was knitting on the train
  4. Nine seconds of love and security whenever I hug a family member for an extra-long hug
  5. Nine seconds of feeling incredibly blessed by God after I rose from the water while getting baptized 
  6. Nine seconds of anticipation whenever we would finally roll up in the driveway of a grandparent's house and we got to jump out of the car and greet them
  7. Nine seconds of satisfaction whenever seeing the happy face of a relative when they open up the present I got them for Christmas/Birthday/etc.
  8. Nine seconds of awe as I realized I finished the National Novel Writing Month challenge for the fourth year in a row
  9. Nine seconds of shock and surprise when walking into my 12th birthday party (a surprise party) 
There. Nine nine-second instances that were better than that YouTube video.

I hope you get my point. 

Just in case you're still confused, let me make myself clear: life is not about YouTube videos. YouTube sensations might make you laugh or crack a smile, but they are not what is going to be important to you in a year, day, or even five minutes from now. 

So many of us are putting way too much of our time in the things that simply do not matter. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Vine, Pinterest, email... I don't care what your internet vice is. It's not what's important in the long-run. 

People are important and should not be ignored.

Look at my list. Make your own. What are those short, nine-second moments that make your "Best Nine Seconds of My Life" list? I'm going to take a guess and say that it's probably not YouTube videos. It's family, friends, life experiences. 

So, here's to putting our priorities back in the right place in 2014. 

What are the best nine seconds of your life?
(And if it's truly is that video, please let me know.) 

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