Saturday, January 3, 2015

Own Your Real Estate

Recently I explored possible places to invest my savings. I'm tired of it sitting there, losing value with each passing day as inflation continues to devalue money. But where should it go?
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Real estate has interested me for quite some time. I blame TV shows like "Flip This House" or "House Hunters", but the thought of investing in real estate excites me. So, I began looking around. My savings isn't that much, but it might be enough for a down payment on my first rental property.

The more I explored this possibility, the more I realized that it is not the right time for me to make this investment. But that doesn't mean I can't own something and call it mine.

In fact, I already own a piece of real estate -- right here on this blog.

As much as I love to hate the internet, it does give each of us a unique chance to make something our own. It allows us to put ourselves out there with minimal cost or effort. Setting up a blog or website and updating it regularly takes almost no cash and can be accomplished in minutes. Even without a computer or internet access at home, most people know someone with these tools or have access to a library.

Many people use the internet to post photos they took of themselves or what they cooked for dinner.

Why not use it to make your voice heard?

Sure, maybe your mother will be the only one visiting your cozy little blog for a while. But that could change. And you won't know until you reach out and own your internet real estate. So grab it, use it, own it. You can't lose out on this investment.

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