Monday, February 24, 2014

Life is Not about Pinterest: Six Weeks Pinterest-Free

Done. Finished. Complete.

I have refrained from pinning, re-pinning, or checking Pinterest for the past six weeks.

I committed to this "Pinterest Fast" when I realized all of the consequences of my Pinterest addiction:

1. Time sucker
2. Not productive
3. Causes disappointment
4. Feeds sarcasm

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To my surprise, I flipped the page in my calendar today and it said "Pinterest" (which was my indicator that I'm allowed back on). I couldn't believe it! Has it been six weeks already?

To be honest, I went through some withdrawal at the beginning. I missed my dangerous and time-wasting hobby. But now, six weeks later, I don't really miss it at all. I'm not even sure I will return to Pinterest and I know I won't be visiting as often as I was before the fast (anywhere from 10-60 minutes/day)

Just goes to show, we think some things are so important and special and lovely. Until they are gone. Then we can take a step back, look at it objectively, and realize how ridiculous, wasteful, or even harmful it is.

Life just isn't all about the pins.

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